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SportyCo and RCD Espanyol - we are now a part of the most exciting football league in the world!

Football is, without dispute, the worlds sport no. 1 and La Liga is one of the two most exciting national leagues in the sport. RCD Espanyol from Barcelona is one of the more recognizable competitors in the league and we are proud to announce that we are, from today, the new sponsor of RCD Espanyol, promoting SportyCo to a worldwide audience.

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SportyCo Supported by

Roberto Carlos RC3

FIFA World Cup & UEFA Champions League winner

Ronaldinho Gaúcho

Former Barcelona player & Fifa World Cup winner

Charlie Shrem

Charlie is a founding member of the Bitcoin Foundation

Why SportyCo

At SportyCo we believe that every promising athlete deserves the opportunity to pursue a professional career and every small investor should be able to back an athlete he believes in. Unfortunately professional sport today has a high entry barrier - both for athletes as well as for small investors. Especially up-and-coming athletes at the outset of their professional careers face a lot of issues when it comes to funding their training and participation in events across the globe. The same goes for many sports clubs and other sports organizations which face severe financial and liquidity issues.


SportyCo will remove these barriers and consequently change financing in the sports industry by deploying a blockchain-based crowdfunding platform, serving athletes, clubs and other sports organizations, in raising the funds required to achieve athletic success.

„SportyCo is about to change this.„


SportyCo will enable a wider community to invest in sport, an industry worth USD 620 billion with constant growth. By disrupting the existing model for financing participants in a sport, SportyCo will open a new chapter in the sports industry, democratizing sports investment.

How It Works

Claire 19

Her annual costs for an optimal training regimen are approx. USD 80,000, for 3 years

Claire will give away 25% of all her income for 10 years

Claire is able to reach full investment goal of USD 270,000. Thanks to our SportyCo platform

At the age of 23 Claire manages to reach the Wimbeldon semi finals and is ranked No.7 in the WTA rankings

Claire is entitled to USD 1.5 million annualy for duration of 5 years with her sponsorship contracts

Claire 23

Investors get USD 375,000 each year, which means their initial investment is repaid within the 1st year

Claire is 18, a highly promising tennis player. She was just invited to play at a prominent tournament in London...
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SPF Token

SPF Token is the fuel of the SportyCo's ecosystem. Blockchain based platform is providing the best, the most secure and transparent mechanism of crowdfunding.

Each crowdfunding campaign on SportyCo's platform will be listed in SPF Tokens. SPF Tokens will also be used to purchase additional services that SportyCo will provide to athletes, sports clubs, investors and other participants in the ecosystem.

From a technical standpoint, SPF Token is a fully ERC20 compatible utility token of value and is already listed on several important cryptocurrency exchanges.

You can buy SPF Tokens on the following exchanges:

SportyFi is now SportyCo

Our whole project and a successful token crowsdale started under the name of SportyFi as an amalgam of “sports finances”. In a light of support we are getting from our sports ambassadors, young sports prospects, sports investors and last but not least our token holders we have decided to change our name to SportyCo. Under SportyCo brand we will be able to better represent our mission to connect young promising athletes with investors, co-fund their career and build a large sports community with a positive impact on the world.

„I like this project because of a great team and that it’s a blockchain without finance. Disrupting sports industry with a blockchain excited me!„
Charlie Shrem

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